Some creative 'star' decorated cushions made by Design Sixty One, stacked on a chair

Make Useful

We transform well-loved textiles so you can continue to enjoy them. Have you seen the collection of star cushions? - each fabric was salvaged from a meaningful item. Now they can be enjoyed every day!

How does it work? Message us to book a free consultation. Show us your textile-based item(s) and we can talk about possible transformations into items such as cushions, soft toys and bags.

Brightly coloured paint in open pots with a paintbrush at the ready

Make Beautiful

We sew, paint and draw custom pieces to make your space beautiful. From murals to calligraphy, for yourself or as gifts, almost anything is possible. Why not paint flowers all over the bathroom?!

How does it work? Most of our art is unique and custom made. Let us know the sort of thing you want and we'll do it. You can look at some of our previous pieces on Facebook or Instagram for inspiration.

A prettily arranged stack of books and a sunflower

Make Home

We work together with you to design your house to make it feel like a home. After many house moves, we have mastered the puzzle of rearranging furniture to create rooms that flow and maximise useful space.

How does it work? We offer layout plans and colour schemes designed bespoke for your taste and budget. Message us to book a home visit or virtual consultation or just to find more.

To see examples of all these areas look at our gallery.

To keep up to date with our current projects follow us on Instagram or Facebook @design.sixtyone