About Us


As mother and daughter, Ruth and Anna, we founded Design SixtyOne in 2021 because we wanted to make people happy. We believe the environments in which we live impact our emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. We make them uplifting places to be and maximise their practical potential. Our approach makes the most of what you already have rather than buying everything new.

Anna and Ruth, the creative partnership of Design 61, laughing
A cuddly bear made with fabric from a well loved dress. The pattern is an original design made by Design SixtyOne.


We work to bring people joy. That's why we always value our clients' memories and treasures in what we do and how we do it.

We prize high quality workmanship. That means making things that will last for many years to come.

We work sustainably, using what you've already got.

We work collaboratively, with you and for you.

We solve problems. We love thinking creatively to find the right solution to your design dilemmas.


Anna, the artist, and Ruth, the designer, are smiling while holding paint brushes and pens


Artist Anna, loves exploring new techniques, materials and ways of making art. She delights in playing with colour and enjoys creating unique works of art to liven up your space. Her appreciation of line and form aid the planning of space and layout, which, complemented by her love of colour, bring joy to any project.


As a Three-Dimensional Designer, Ruth is well experienced at making the most of space and creating beautiful and functional home design. She is always looking for new sewing projects, from redesigning clothes to making wall-hangings, soft furnishings and even bedding from pre-loved fabrics.